The New Cafe Tops Sites

Thursday 02 November 2017 - 07:18:06

Once upon a time, you could find a free resource to post your content and links.  That has changed in most part to the changing landscape of Google algorithms. This site was originally set up as a topsites directory. How it would work is that websites would join your list and add a backlink to our site, that backlink could be text or a banner image. On the home page, typically there would be the listing of members sites organized by various statistical elements, most noteworthy how often the site would get clicked on, and then sent to their site or how often visitors clicked off of their site and onto ours. 

When visitors clicked a button on the member's website, they are sent to the top site directory and the vote is counted for that member, the list is ordered by websites who have sent the most votes. The more traffic your members send to your VisioList, the more traffic you send out to your top members.

Topsites became unpopular with Google when Google and other search engines changed the way they formulated their search results. In response to the changing landscape of Google, the hot thing to do as a webmaster was get your site set up with/as local business directories. Again, Google has again changed the way they do things.  For now, Google is very warm to quality content.

As a result of to the changes in Google, we have decided to change the functionality of our website to provide useful articles to coffee shops, restaurants, tea shops and those that enjoy them.  We are creating a platform that cafe owners can still have the benefit of a top site directory,  Now, we have also incorporated additional functionality that they can list their site that will also serve as a yellow page directory giving the customer useful information on how to find their coffee shop or restaurant, of cafe resource.  Moreover, you will able to post your own blog entries. Now you will be able to read interesting articles from top bloggers and find resources on specialty coffee/tea along with how to start and maintain a restaurant-style business, 

Please come back often to check out our new features, along with new advertising opportunities. Thanks again for visiting the new Cafe Top Sites!

Shawn Larson
Owner and Publisher

Shawn Larson has been the managing editor for two newspapers including The Hoxie Sentinel in Kansas and the Sealy News in Texas. He has owned and operated two coffee shop equipment sites and ran a local coffee shop for about three years. Shawn has also acted as a coffee shop and restaurant consultant for startups and existing restaurants trying to making their business better.



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