CaféTopSites.com and CafeProducts.com is looking for permanent and guest writers who have a special passion for food, wines, micro brews, teas, coffees and other specialty drinks. Both sites have been have been around for several years but have been recently rebranded. Both sites are focused on providing information and resources to readers who have a special interest in specialty food and drinks.  However, cafeproducts.com also committed to providing resources to coffee shop and restaurant owners and employees, while cafetopsites.com was designed with the purpose of providing coffee shops, wineries and independent restaurants an additional venue to get the word out about their establishment.

Writer 1What Kind of Content Are We Looking for?

While the focus is a little different between websites you can find some common content on both sites including recipes, product, and restaurant reviews, cooking and drink making tips along with other food and drink related content.  The similarities really end there. CafeProducts.com is looking for writers who have a professional understanding of the food service business, able to share tips and tricks to current restaurant owners and startups. CafeTopSites.com, on the other hand, has a much broader scope, giving a platform for restaurant owners a chance to share about their restaurant, specials, food items and their unique perspective on food. Moreover, CafeTopSites.com gives those who love food and drink a platform to share their passion.

What kind of Content is allowed?

Since both sites’ main purpose is to experience a shared love of food and drink we encourage a-political content, welcoming people from all different religious, political, sexual, gender and ethnic to share a common love for food instead of talking about the things that divide us on a daily basis. Food and drink can really bring everyone together. We encourage family-friendly, PG-13 and below content that can be viewed in virtually all educational and social groups.

What do You Get Out of It?

As a contributor, you will have the opportunity showcase your work through a professional media publication. We believe that posting your writing on our website can give you credible resume building visibility. As a restaurant owner, you can use our websites and a free self-promotion tool, promoting your brand and product to our readers that share the same love of food and specialty drinks. If you have a restaurant equipment business or showcase products that would work well in restaurants and coffee shops we will give you a platform to share your goods in exchange for quality original content. We are also looking for writers and proofreaders that will help grow our business and eventually become paid staff contributors.

If you are interested in publishing your works on our website we have two different ways you can do that. First, list your business here, then through the admin panel of your top site listing, you can publish a blog that may be featured on the home page and almost positively available on your top site listing on our site. Second, you can submit your news articles for cafetopsites.com here or register to submit news for cafeproducts.com here. Click here to learn a little more about our websites.


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