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THE NEW CAFE TOP SITES features articles and links to popular and little-known coffee houses, tea shops, internet cafes and bistros, Our site helps you find that cute little coffee shop on the corner you can sit with a friend and catch up. We can also help you locate a coffee shop with WI-FI that you can meet your business partners at. Need to find the nearest tea shop you can meet the ladies at? We can help you with that too. We also have links to locally owned restaurants. [ more]

  • Your Tables Could Be Amazingly Different!

    Ever wanted to make your coffee shop or restaurant different? How about making your coffee shop an art gallery, or offer game tables to keep your patrons coming back for something special.

    Cafe Table Tops Asks Why Be Boring
    asks the question "why be boring." The reason for the question is simple, you should be different.  When you walk into the typical coffee shop you see the old look that tries to emulate Starbucks. It's understandable why coffee shops do it... they have...


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Here are a listing of top site directories that may help your coffee shop or help you know a little more about coffee.
My Topsites List Furniture Top Sites is a new furniture ranking site. It features categories including home furnishing, office furniture, restaurant furniture and retail furniture. Great way to find furniture companies and a great way for furniture companies to get free advertising. - Free Coffee Recipes, Coffee Accessories and more! Cyber-Cafe is a site that includes a coffee links directory that provides free Coffee Recipes, Coffee Accessories and more!

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